oneIsaac Chukwudi: He was 15 years old when we saw him at Kuramo. He is the younger of two children. He moved with his parents from Delta State to Lagos. His father died sadly not long after. His mother has been the only person taking care of them. She sells fufu, (prepares it and sells) things got bad and unable to pay their school fees she made them hawk to make ends meet.  Isaac naively left home to kuramo beach to look for money to help pay his school fees; unfortunately it did not go as he bargained. Haven found him took him home to the mother and sponsors his education and welfare. He did so well in school that he was made a prefect. He has since graduated from BAYUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL.

Address: 2, Bayode Kalejaiye Street, Beside Four-Square Camp, Orisunbare Idimu Alimosho Local Govt, Lagos.

Tel: 08023812721, 08029098819.

Now, Isaac has finished from secondary school with good grades and really wishes to further his education. Without your continue support, HFTNCF would have to be closing down.

twoYinka was just 12 years old when we saw him at kuramo beach. He is the youngest of six children. He was in primary 5 when he left home. His parents separated and father re-married and he lives in Ijebu-Igbo (Ogun – State), while his mother lives in Ketu (Lagos State).  Yinka was living with his mother, but she could not afford to send him to school and give him regular meals, because she is poor and she is old.  Yinka ran away and was found at the Kuramo beach, very sad and desperately seeking help. We took him home to his mother and now sponsor him. We found out that he has great difficulty in Learning hence could hardly read nor write. We thus took him back to Primary school so he can strengthen his basic foundation. He is presently in basic 4 at Tombey Foundation School,

Address:  1A Remilekun Street, Off Fadiya ­­­­­Street, Ketu, Lagos.

Telephone:    01-4731140, 08035363271, 08035323208.

He is happy now at home and Haven is happy for making a difference in his life. Make a difference today; spare 12:50k per day to save a soul today.



He lost his parents when he was very young. He lived with his sister in Sango, Ota. She is a full time house wife that could not give him regular meals. He took up an apprentice as a vulcanizer. After working for several years at it, his master at work refused to give him his ‘Freedom’ preferring to use him instead as cheap labor.  He left home in search of making money on the streets for himself and ended up in Kuramo beach. Haven took him back home and reconciled him to his master at work and negotiated fair terms on his behalf. He remained with his master to retrain for a while and now he has completed that and has got his ‘Freedom’ to start his own business. He visits us and the proof of his progress is obvious with his demeanor and now obvious maturity. He needs accommodation and a work site, and the money is #50,000. Then he can stand on his own.



4He is a fifteen year old boy that we met at Ojuelegba. He was working as a bus conductor. He actually came to us crying for help and we were touched. His parents are divorced and from findings made by us we discovered that both parents are irresponsible. His mother took him to live with his maternal grandmother in Ogun State, after a few years he ran away from his grandmother and he ended up living under the bridge at Ojuelegba. We are able to trace his paternal grandmother who lives in Shomolu, Lagos. And we re-united them. The grandmother who also explained how Dare’s father abandoned her and his other son – Benjamin and the accommodation problem she had. Haven For The Nigerian Child Foundation has paid for her at Ikorodu, Lagos State and she has moved in. on regular interaction with Dare, we noticed some disturbing acts he often displayed so we took him to the psychiatry Hospital in yaba. He was evaluated by a Doctor and he confirmed that Dare was not mentally balanced; the Doctor prescribed some drugs and regular evaluation for follow up. The Doctor expressed that due to his long stay on the streets without proper treatment he felt Dare would get better quicker if he was actually admitted into the psychiatric ward for at least a period of 6months. We bought the drugs and Dare used the drugs for a while and we observed some changes like him being calm and respectful. We have put the grandmother on a small scale business; we rented a shop for her, in order to take care of the children. The house rent is due; we need money to raise funds to pay for the rent. The rent is #60,000 for two years



65His parent divorced and re-married.  He was living with his father till things got bad financially for his father. His school fees were always an issue and when asked to bring money for a project in school, his father wasn’t able to pay. School authorities punished him often for this. Apart from that, his step mum was not giving him regular meals and his mum couldn’t take him to live with her as her new husband would not let her.  He got tired of the way life was turning out. He once said the greatest humiliation was being chastised in front of other students for not being able to pay for projects. Being so young he felt that the solution would be to run to Lagos and fend for him self on the streets. He ended up in Kuramo beach. Haven took him home to his father and now sponsors his education and general welfare. As at the time Haven saw him at Kuramo beach and took him back to school, he was admitted into J.S.S 2. He matured so much that he realized that he wasn’t taught well in the school we took him and asked that he would like to change his school after his JSS3 examinations to a better school to stand a better chance with better result for SSCE Level.

Idris has since finished his junior waec and by his request, Haven changed his school from Royal Pathfinder College in Ibadan to Oriwu Model College in Igbogbo, Ikorodu. He’s doing well in his academics as he is now in SSS 2.

Idris has however been sick which is unknown to us until recently as he was ashamed to tell us. He eventually open up to us that he has an anemia for more than ten years now. We were shock hearing that and took him to the General Hospital Broad Street where the doctor carried out some major test and said he needs to be operated.

The operation cost #80,000.  We need generous supporters like you to help save a soul.



6His parents are divorced. His parents have now re-married and have other children. As a result bayo had to live with his uncle in Ibadan. Living with him was not easy as the uncle is a drunkard and Bayo was constantly physically abused by him. He ran away and came to Lagos to look for his mother, this at the tender age of 11 years.  His mother on the other hand did not even realize he was missing and looking for her. He had been in Kuramo for over 2 years when Haven found him and followed him to his uncle’s place in Ibadan and got his mother details. We were now able to reunite them. We have put Bayo back to school. His mother is out of work, she has other children for her new husband and he too is struggling financially.

Our challenge is to empower his mother in some small scale business so she can afford to justify Bayo’s stay with her and not place him with unsuitable family again. She knows how to sew so we want to get her a sewing machine to this end.


He lost both his parents when he was very young. Both sides accused the other of being responsible for the deaths due to occultism. Both sides of his parents were thus pulling him. He ended up staying with his maternal grandmother in Ikorodu. She could not afford to send him to school or give him regular meals. She physically abused him especially when he refused to be an apprentice to a motor bicycle mechanic and his insistence on continuing with his Education. Haven found him in kuramo and sponsors him. He is currently in boarding school and doing very well academically. He is now in S.S.S 3 and he will be taking Senior WAEC Exams this year.

Name of school:  Oriwu Junior Model College, Ikorodu Igbogbo Road,

Address: 92, Ikorodu, Lagos State.

We need sponsors. Please donate 12:50K per day to make a difference in these children’s lives. God bless you as you do so.



His parents are divorced. His parents have now re-married and have other children. As a result Ahmed had to live with his paternal grandparents. Living with them has not been easy as the grand parents have other grandchildren from other children living with them too. With no financial support from Ahmed’s father, the grandparents could not afford to continue sending him to school hence his dropping out of school.  Ahmed’s story is more touching because when Haven took him home, Haven sponsored him to get skills on Barbing and also video filming at his request. After about six months of learning that, despite being 18 years old he insisted on a desire to go back to school. We felt this desire of his.  Because of his age we could not get him to State School. He cried so much on the day. Haven told him that we can’t afford to send him to school because we have no money to do so. Because of his passion for education, Haven stirred so hard to get him a sponsor. It took a lot of time but eventually got him a sponsor to a private boarding school where he did very well in the school entrance examination. After the second term in school, the sponsor reneged but in order not to disrupt his education, Haven has now sponsored him. He is doing very well academically and Haven is proud to be on his cause. He is presently in SSS3 at Living Stone College. Ahmed’s ambition is to become a lawyer. He is so grateful and is absolutely determined to make the most of the opportunity given to him. This is why we are still calling on people to help us make his dreams comes true. God bless you as you do so.

Name of School: Living Stone College, Address: p.o box: 1671, Ikorodu, Lagos.


Telephone:. 017648505