At this time, we would like to introduce to you a group of mostly boys and few¬†girls who are not area boys, criminals, prostitutes but what they call unfortunate. Either by being orphaned, parents separating and the new partners rejecting them, abuse (common in the girl child) child trafficking or in some stubbornness have found themselves living on the street. There is hope for these children and each of us can make a difference. Many of us want to do much but have no time. We don’t mind, please send us.

We actually work with about 158 boys and girls that live on Kuramo Beach exposed to all kinds of issues. We have plans for them but our hands are tied because of limited funding.

I cleared my cupboard a few days ago and i discovered that i have things i have never and would probably never wear. Or items in my kitchen i will never use. Sounds familiar? We are planning to have a charity sale to raise funds and support some of our programs with the children. We will publish all accounts received and let you know how many children you touched and to what extent……..You will be addicted to giving after that, I promise.

Be part of putting that smile on a child’s face. Please clean house and donate those dresses, suits, shoes, bags, kitchen utensils that are still in very good conditions to give a Street Child Hope and be surely blessed.