A lot of you would like to help but it is important for you to know who you are helping and how. This niche of helpless children are unique in that there  are not many agencies that deal with this issue of street children. This is because they are viewed as delinquents and most of them are not. They are just children who through some problems in their lives like parents dying-(now common with the spread of  HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B/C, parents breaking up and the children not welcome in new alliances, especially when they are with their mothers) poverty- which is the underlying cause in a lot of cases, child trafficking especially from the environs states and countries like Republic of Benin or Togo.

They are helpless and voiceless but because they are children they think life on the street represents freedom and responsibility. To us though, they are in danger both to themselves and to the society as a whole. They  can only grow up to life of crime and neglect. They have no education, health care or vocational skills. They are growing up in this same society where we are raising our children and the Federal Government is talking about Vision 20/20. They multiply and soon it would be very difficult to contain them.

We can help. By giving at least #12.50k a day, you too can make a difference and give hope to one child. We can get a child back home, see that his school fees are paid, put him on allowance, empower the mother in a very low scheme venture like a grinding machine and hand the child to the supervision of the welfare officers in our state.

For those genuine street children, we can work with the Government and other NGOs that offer shelter and in the same way be in charge of the child’s welfare where ever they are to see that they get education or learn a vocation.

For older children we can find accommodation, help them learn a vocation and help with securing employment for them. With a collective fund of #12.50k a day, we can ensure that the care and support is continous.