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Haven For The Nigerian Child Foundation is not-for-profit Organization founded in 2008 by Mrs. Oluyemisi Wada to provide humanitarian assistance to the children living on the streets of Lagos State. Haven is duly registered with CAC and has a Board of Trustees. The office is situated at 13, Marcathy Street, Onikan, Lagos and our pilot project is to reach out to the children living rough on Kuramo beach in Victoria Island, Lagos.


Haven for the Nigeria Child Foundation is Bringing succour to children that find themselves living on the streets.

A street is not a home


  • Provide a platform that successfully re-unities homeless childen with their care-givers
  • provide shelter for the homeless children that have no care-givers and hence no home
  • Provide Educational/Vocational training opportunity for homeless children
  • Provide support to the low income earning family/caregiver of the homeless child


  • Outreach
  • Counseling
  • Soup Kitchens
  • Health Checks
  • Rehabilitation/intervention


You can call us at any time. Our helplines are managed by trained staff who all have experience of listening and talking to children and young people. Our phone lines are accessible to everyone in Nigeria who needs help, advice and information to report or prevent child sexual abuse. We are able to arrange for emergency intervention within Lagos State, and currently provide referral services elsewhere in Nigeria.
+234-805 611 1000


It's thanks to our amazing supporters and volunteers that we've helped over 1 thousand children since we launched. Will you help us to keep children safe now, and well into the future?



Do your own fundraising Go the extra mile. You can make a difference in the lives of children we work with by creating your own personal fundraiser and asking your families, professional colleagues and friends to donate to our cause. Fundraising for the Haven for the Nigeria Child Foundation is an opportunity to sustain our work and have fun while doing it. There are diverse way you can raise funds to keep our children safe and prevent them from being abused. You can organise events (dinner party, sporting challenges), ask for donations (cash and in-kind), get sponsored for a personal challenge – this will help us continue our work and increase our presence throughout Nigeria If you are interested kindly reach out to us to get started.


Your generous donation will enable us provide prevention and protection services.



We are a volunteer-friendly organization, providing opportunity for skills development, while making positive impact. Volunteering to share your time and talents with us can help to change children’s lives. You will be joining a team of trained and experienced people completely committed to the fight against all forms of child abuse. We implement the best practice for prevention of child sexual abuse and believe that together, we can achieve more.


We have child friendly, culturally sensitive and developmental appropraite information that can help adults to be there for children.

Why Children Are Afraid To Tell

There are many understandable reasons why a child victim of sexual abuse is not likely to tell anyone about their abuse. The abusive adult often times convince the child that they won’t be believed or that they are somehow responsible for the abuse and will be punished for it.

The child may care about or feel protective of the person who sexually abused them and may feel they’d be betraying this person by telling about the sexual contact and the abuser may use this information to help maintain the secrecy.

How To Avoid One-On-One Situations.

Eliminate or reduce isolated, one-on-one situations so as to decrease risk of child sexual abuse.

How To Talk To Under-7s

As children age, conversations on safety should also continue but the way and manner of talking to them should match their development and understanding.

Parents And Caregiver Information

Should I question my child about what happened?



A lot of you would like to help but it is important for you to know who you are helping and how. This niche of helpless children are unique in that there are not many agencies that deal with this issue of street children. This is because they are viewed as delinquents and most of them are not. They are just children who through some problems in their lives like parents dying-(now common with the spread of HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B/C, parents breaking up and the children not welcome in new alliances, especially when they are with their mothers) poverty- which is the underlying cause in a lot of cases, child trafficking especially from the environs states and countries like Republic of Benin or Togo.

They are helpless and voiceless but because they are children they think life on the street represents freedom and responsibility. To us though, they are in danger both to themselves and to the society as a whole. They can only grow up to life of crime and neglect. They have no education, health care or vocational skills. They are growing up in this same society where we are raising our children and the Federal Government is talking about Vision 20/20. They multiply and soon it would be very difficult to contain them.

We can help. By giving at least #12.50k a day, you too can make a difference and give hope to one child. We can get a child back home, see that his school fees are paid, put him on allowance, empower the mother in a very low scheme venture like a grinding machine and hand the child to the supervision of the welfare officers in our state.

For those genuine street children, we can work with the Government and other NGOs that offer shelter and in the same way be in charge of the child’s welfare where ever they are to see that they get education or learn a vocation.

For older children we can find accommodation, help them learn a vocation and help with securing employment for them. With a collective fund of #12.50k a day, we can ensure that the care and support is continous.


Our Team


Chief Executive Officer







I was once a Street child but I thank God today, I'm training as a Chartered Accountant.
All thanks to Haven for the Nigerian Child Foundation.
Haven has been supporting me since i'm off the street, enrolled me in school and got me where I'm working today.
God Enlarge this Foundation

other feeds

Professional Boxer
Aluminium Works


mom and dad seperated when I was 8, I had to live with my father and step mother.
I was always maltreated by my step mother and my father wouldn't listen to what I say except from my step mom.
Without thinking twice, I ran away from home having no where to go, I went to kuramo beach.
I live there for 3 years without good food or shelter. I beg to eat and later retired to stealing. All hope of going to school lost as even my father didn't look for me.
Haven rescue me in 2009, took me back home and they sponsor my education. I'm now in S.S.3 at Oriwu Model College Ikorodu.


I left the South-South to come to Lagos after my mother died of a stroke because of my health conditions.
I had a boil when I was about 6 yrs old and it soon turned into this tumor that had stunted my growth.
I thought I could make a living on the streets. I ended up in Lagos and found myself in the office of Haven for the Nig Child Foundation with another boy.

I'm now a C.O.C holder, I Graduate from Industaial Training Fund (I.T.F)
Information Communication Technology.

I'm now a Web/App Developer

Thanks to the C.E.O of Haven for the Nigeria Child Foundation

Mrs. Oluyemisi Wada and Sophie Mongalvy for making my dream come true

Haven for the Nigeria Child Foundation is Bringing succour to children that find themselves living on the streets.

13, Marcathy Street Onikan
Lagos Nigeria


+234-805 611 1000

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